ResellerClub Configuration

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Contact Resellerclub support to obtain a test account. Use your test account information during testing while the AWBS Resellerclub registrar module is in test mode. Use your real reseller account information in the AWBS Resellerclub module while in live mode.

In AWBS, login to your AWBS site as super admin. Go to the Module Setup page and ensure the Resellerclub registrar module is enabled.

Go to the registrar setup area and click the icon next to Resellerclub to enter the Resellerclub configuration page.

Enter your Resellerclub reseller account username (email address) and the password.

Set test mode to True while testing, set to False when going live.

Set a backorder URL if you have a backorder affiliate link for backordering domain names.

Parent ID: You can find the Parent ID by logging in to your Resellerclub account. Go to settings, personal information, primary profile.

Lang Pref: Set your language preference. Use lower case two letter language code.

Role: reseller

Enter at least 2 nameservers to be used for new domain registrations by default. Note: use and when in test mode.

If you get an error when processing Resellerclub orders, use debug mode to view full return from the Resellerclub system. The full return will help guide you to the problem.