OpenSRS Configuration

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At OpenSRS:

Login to your OpenSRS reseller account.

If you don't know or don't have a private key already, click Generate New Private Key. Copy the Private Key generated for configuration of the AWBS Opensrs module.

Click Add IPs for Script/API Access. Add your server's main IP address for API access and save.

Click Renewal Management. It is recommended to disable all user domain renewal notices in your OpenSRS account. AWBS sends renewal notice emails.


Configuration >> Module Setup

Set Opensrs to Active in the Domain Registrars section.

Click the Save Changes button.

Configuration >> Registrar Setup

In the Opensrs row, click the icon to edit.

Registrar Name: Opensrs (do not edit this field)

Username: Enter your Opensrs reseller account username

Private Key: Enter the private key you generated in your Opensrs reseller account.

Secure Mode: True or False (True is recoomended)

Test Mode: True or False (True for testing, False for live system)

Live URL:

Test URL:

Backorder URL: Enter your affilate link for backordering domains if applicable

Allow Feature Select In Cart: Leave unchecked, this setting is not applicable to the Opensrs module.

Nameserver1: through Nameserver4: Enter default nameservers for new registrations. Minimum 2 maximum 4 nameservers. Enter only registered nameservers.

Note: Opensrs test system nameservers:

Configuration >> TLD Config

Set all TLDs you will offer through your Opensrs reseller account to Opensrs in the registrar column.

Note: OpenSRS uses port 55443, if you run a firewall and are having trouble connecting, open port 55443 in your firewall and flush out your cached rules.