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Enable the module;
Configuration >> Module Setup >> Domain Registrars >> Dot TK set to Active.
Click Save Changes button.

Configure the module;
Configuration >> Registrar Setup >> Dottk click the icon to the right to enter the Dottk config page.
Partner Email: Enter the email address you login with at site
Partner Password: Enter the password you use when logging in at
Offer Specials: check this box if you want to offer the .tk special priced domains
Percent Discount: Enter the percent you want discounted from retail price for special priced domains.
Format example for 10%: .10
Leave this field blank if you want to charge retail price for special priced tk domains.

Secure Mode: Must be secure, set to True
Test Mode: Not supported, contact staff to switch you from test to live mode.
Live Url: Set to
Test Url: Not used for this module, test mode is set at, contact the staff to determine if you are in test or live mode.
Backorder URL: (Optional) Enter the url of your desired backorder system if desired.

Enter at least 2 valid nameservers to be used for any new domain registrations where the customer does not setup nameservers in their domain profile or order hosting services.

Click the Save Changes button.
(review message in red at top of screen when saving to ensure there were no errors when saving changes.)
Re-enter the configuration page and click the 'Test Connection' link to verify your configuration is correct.

Configure your tld;
Configuration >> TLD Config
Enter tk in the TLD column and select Dottk in the Registar column in the 'Add New' row.
Click the Save Changes button.
Enter dottk for the Whois Server and leave the Match String blank.
Save Changes.

Setup your pricing and availablity;
Configuration >> TLD Setup/Pricing
Check the Register and Renew checkboxes in the tk TLD row, enter minimum and maximum years available as per the registry, check free option if you want this tld available free with hosting package configured with free domain name, and set your display position number.
Click the Save Changes button.

Click Edit Pricing link.
In the popup window edit retail pricing as desired.
Click Save Changes button.
Close popup window.


  1. You must have a Partner account to use this module.
  2. Make sure your partner account is set to the same currency your AWBS site is configured with.

If not, then do not offer the 'special' domains.