System Requirements

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System Requirements

   * Linux/FreeBSD/Windows2003
   * PHP v5.0.x and 5.3.x (safe_mode off)
   * MySQL Database Server v4.x-5.x (strict mode off)
   * Apache or IIS5/6 Web Server
   * Curl + SSL v7.10 or better (php compiled Curl required)
   * Ability to setup CRON jobs or scheduled tasks
   * Ability to setup password protected directories. (.htaccess)
   * Secure site (optional)(no cross domain secure URLs)
   * Compiled GD with freetype support needed for human verification system and reports.
   * Compiled MB String with Mbregex.


Ioncube encoded version Only, Zend Version has been discontinued.

Ioncube is not compatible with MMCache or other 'untrusted' extentions.

Viewing your phpinfo() output, you will be able to see most of the system requirements. Contact your server admin if you are not sure or run the pretest.php script (located in the tools directory) to see if your server passes the basic requirements tests.

Other settings (php.ini settings)

safe_mode Off
allow_url_fopen On
max_execution_time 120 or higher
session.auto_start Off
magic_quotes_gpc On
memory_limit 128M or higher
register_long_arrays On
magic_quotes_runtime Off
output_handler no value
short_open_tag On

Please note: Some of the above settings pertain to only certain versions of php. Check to see if you have these settings in your php.ini. Consult with your server admin if you are not sure.