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AWBS Licensing Module

The License Module is available only with AWBS Hosting Edition.

Use the license module to create license files for software/scripts that you write and sell.

Refer to the sample script; licensing_script_example.php found in the includes/licensing directory.

Use the licensing_script_example.php to create your own code for distribution with your software/script. The licensing_script_example.php shows sample code to use for testing the validity of a license.

Put your code in the file to check for a valid license file and edit the license error notices as desired. CONFIGURE AWBS for your software sales.

Configure a Download Categories as desired, Download Groups as per your products (scripts) and Downloads as per your files for use with your software/script.

Setup your software/script sales as 'other packages';

Enter 3 keys for your licensing that are used in your above file for verification into the 'License Key1', 'License Key2' and ' License Key3' fields. (keys are shown as test1, test2 and test3 in the licensing_script_example.php file.)

Check the 'has signup form' checkbox.

Check the 'has download' checkbox.

Select the correct download group. Only persons who have an active/filled or closed/filled status of this package (or any others assigned to this download group) will have access to the files setup in this download group. (As per your configuration of the downloads in the Download Manager)

Allow Quantity Select should remain set to 0.

Set the remaining settings as per your sales and preferences.


Reopen the package for editing.

Click the 'Edit Form' link beside 'Has Signup Form' and create the form you need to complete the order. Required fields are licensed domain name or subdomain and secure domain or subdomain. Additional fields can be added as desired to gather any info for the processing of the order.

Save the form.


If you do not wish to restrict your software to a domain, the order can be filled using 'any' in both fields when filling the order. Filling orders

New orders placed will show up as pending in the Other Package Manager. If the '[OI] is red, the invoice has not been paid, do not fill the order yet.

If the [OI] is green, the invoice has been paid, click the icon beside the order.

Fields you need to address:

Support Expires - enter 'never' if access to this file in the download area is not to expire. Enter the date you want the download to no longer be available if applicable. Enter nothing and the field will automatically set the date to one year in the future.

Code Expire Date Into License - check if you want the license to contain the expire date. This will make the license be unusable on the expire date.

License Expires - Enter the license expire date. Leaving this field blank will set it to one month into the future. Entering 'never' will set the license to never expire.

Hints: for a one time script sale use 'never', for scripts that you want to timeout enter a date and check the 'Code Expire Date Into License' box above

Recurring Package - should not be used with licenses.

Status - set to 'Filled/Closed'

In the Form Array Fields section:

License domain or subdomain - check and correct if any problems, should show only a domain or subdomain name. Remove any slashes or other things entered by the client.

Licensed secure domain or subdomain - same as above, correct if necessary.

Create/Update License - make sure this is checked.

Send Activate/Cancel Mail - check this box to send the client the email as per your email template settings in the other package setup area.

Click the Save Record button. This will fill the order; i.e. set the package as per your settings, create the license file and allow the download file(s) for this user account.

License file will be available to download by the customer in their 'other package list' in their account.

Only packages in the 'Filled/Active' or 'Filled/Closed' status will give access to the files in the download page of the user's area.


Place test orders and completely test your license file, downloads and package setup before offering anything to your clients.

Once you have thoroughly tested, place your link(s) on your menu for sales to your clients.