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Unless specified, values are 1 (on) or 0 (off).

aarea Do not change! Turns off any debug in user area.
adminarcopy Admin will get a copy of all domain expiry notices sent out
admin_content_lang Content language for admin area
Used for this Meta tag: <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="<?=$admin_content_lang?>">
admin_content_type Content type for admin area. eg - charset=iso-8859-1
Used for this Meta Tag: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; <?=$admin_content_type?>">
adminmaintoverride administrators can still use site if maint mode is on - 1=yes 0=no
admintoadmin Always force the admin to the adminwelcome page on login, never to user welcome
ajaxadminsearchlimit How many results (max) to show in ajax searches.
allow_partial_credits Enable users to be able to apply partial credits when paying existing invoices? - 1=yes 0=no
allow_zero_checkout Users can checkout with a zero dollar cart total? - 1=yes 0=no
allowadultfs Allow domains in 4sale category 'adult' to be displayed in featured domains? - 1=yes 0=no
allowpdf Allow users to view pdf invoices? - 1=yes, 0=no
alt_ignore Create account behaviour: 1=Only show domain profile fields when there is a domain in the cart 2=Always show domain profile fields and make filling them mandantory 3=Always show domain profile fields and make filling them optional 4=Never show
alt_ojf_onr Alternate domain profile behaviour - Org/Job Title/Fax are not required as one entity. No fields required. Set to a value of 1 to activate this behaviour.
alt_ojf_or Alternate domain profile behaviour - Org/Job Title/Fax are not required as one entity. Org IS required. Set to a value of 1 to activate this behaviour.
alwaystaken Set to 1 if you want all domain names to show as taken if an order has been placed for that domain name regardless of whether previous orders are unpaid.
archivenumdays If using auto-archiving of hosting and server records, number of days after canceled before archiving the records
authnetmailcust Have Authnet mail the cust a receipt? - TRUE=yes FALSE=no
autorenewflag Default value for auto-renew on new domains. - 1=on 0=off
autotrustusers SET IN DAYS - Number of days a user account is active before auto-switching to a trusted user. Delete the key or set to 0 to disable
autovoidhinv Automatically void any open invoices when running a Cancel Hosting queue job
barebones Using barebones theme? - 1=yes 0=no
bulkregistrar Registrar to use for bulk domain lookups (Currently accepted values are Hexonet or eNom. eNom is the default)
bypassadminccstop Allow users to select to have administrative emails as a choice when setting up extra contacts
bypasscaauth Turn off human verification for createacct form only
bypasscfauth Turn off human verification for the contact form only
bypassrootcheck Stop index.php loop (only set if you cannot get to index.php)
bypasssalesccstop Allow users to select to have sales emails as a choice when setting up extra contacts
ca_first When entering payment.php and not logged in, will display createacct form first if set to 1
ccprocessor_override If running 2ndcopy, you can override the cc processor on the 2nd site by using this (must be exact module name). Only applies to main cc processor, not secondary processors like paypal
cfcharset Character set override for contact form (Set the charset to use)
checkonline Show a count of current users accessing the website - 1=yes 0=no
connecttimeout Connect timeout for checking in with AWBS for latest news and version info. (Seconds)
content_lang Content language for admin area
contenttransferencoding mb_mail transfer encoding. (7bit or 8bit)
coupons Enable coupon system.- 1=yes 0=no
deletecanceled When canceling a queue job, this will force invoice deletion instead of just voiding it
disable_als Disable ability to login via ALS (See documentation)
disable_bimg Disable mini bar graphs on adminwelcome page? 1=yes 0=no
domainmin Minimum domain name size allowed for registration (Number of Characters allowed)
domainmax Maximum domain name size allowed for registration (Number of Characters allowed)
dont_allow_bad_ns eNom Only - Set to 0, domains will register even with bad nameservers set in the domain profile (registers domains with no nameservers)
dontautoswitchns Disable auto-setting eNom nameservers to new hosting setup (on existing enom or resellerclub domains)
dontpayallwcreds This will allow users to select what types of packages their credits will be used to pay
dontusebc Don't 'Become User' when clicking Manage Domain in admin area (Most registrars need you to be the user)
dupeemailoverride Not recommended!! Allows dupe email addresses in system (disables login with email address) - 1=yes 0=no
enomusemydefaultns Instead of the eNom nameservers being the default, yours will be (in the eNom module).
Be careful with this as it will kill all eNom added features (email forwarding etc)
evalidateannounceonly EV Module: Do not set accts that fail to pending -1=Announce (comment), 0=Set to Pending
evalidatelocalhost EV Module: The domain of the local email to test from, if your email is my@vmail.com, value = vmail.com
evalidatelocaluser EV Module: The username of the local email to test from, if your email is my@vmail.com, value = my
evalidatep Module: Validate Primary Email Address 1=yes, 0=no
evalidates Module: Validate SecondaryEmail Address 1=yes, 0=no (not recommended)
excessive_login_count Number of bad login attempts before being locked out for 1 minute (Set a max number)
force_f Set this to 1 if you are getting mail errors pointing to the -f parameter.
forcearinvandq Set to value of 1 if you want invoices generated for ALL domain renewals regardless of cc on file status or account credits.
force_from_name Set this value to 1 if you are having issues with the e-mails being addressed from your e-mail address instead of the From name specified in your AWBS Setup.
forcescs Set this is your outgoing emails (subject) will have non-standard characters in them. The subject will be encoded per RFC.
fraud_sendmail Send fraud emails to admin on every query? 1=yes 0=no
gcprob Session values? - 1=yes 0=no (If yes, set individually)
gcprobdivvalue Session gc_divisor value.
gcproblifevalue Session gc_maxlifetime value.
gcprobvalue Session gc_probability value.
header_char_rn Sets the email header split characters to \r\n instead of \n
idevheight Force the size of the idevaffiliate popup window height
idevwidth Force the size of the idevaffiliate popup window width
ignorecanceled Ignore (Don't show) canceled accounts by default in hosting, dedicated server and other lists in admin area.
They will still show in searches, this only applies to the default listing when entering the pages
ignorecanceleduser Ignore (Don't show) canceled accounts by default in hosting, dedicated server and other lists in users area.
They will still show in searches, this only applies to the default listing when entering the pages
ignorefailedpassrequest Don't log failed password requests to history
kayakonopop Stop Kayako from opening in a new window
liverenews Renews will always be put in the Open queue (wont go into pending)
liverenewtocart Turn on live add to cart functionality for domain name renew (in user domain listing screen)
mail_charset Mail character set.
mail_workaround Set this 1 to attempt to fix mail sending errors if you recieve them. - 1=yes 0=no
mailinioverride Set this 1 to attempt to fix mail sending errors if you recieve them. - 1=yes 0=no
managemaintmode Put only domain manage area into maint mode? - 1=yes 0=no
maxccattempts Enter the number of times to attempt to charge a credit card (1 thru 6)(the default is 3)
maxcontacts Maximum extra contacts any user is allow to create. Default is 5
mb_language If using mb_send_mail, choose language.- english or japanese
mb_mail_country If using mb_send_mail, choose country.- us or jp
newstopiclen News topic length in characters. Default is 30, adjust as per the width of your site as desired.
namakecf Piped E-mails that do not match a client's e-mail address will go to the Contact Form
no2coscheck Set 2Checkout Subscription option Auto-bill my card each cycle as unchecked by default. Option is checked by default.
noautorenew Do not show the AutoRenew toggle in the Domain Manager
nobraceonctp Remove the > and < on the CLICKTOPAY link on users welcome page
nodupephone Will not allow create account to continue if the phone number entered is already in the db
noenomrenew On eNom TLD's, don't use eNom to determine renew years, use min and max years
noemaillogin Do not allow users to login using email address instead of username
nofollowuser Disables the 'follow user' mode in admin area
nohostingupgrades Remove the ability for users to upgrade/downgrade hosting packages (removes the link from the listing page)
nolivecancel User area hosting cancel type. - 1=helpdesk cancel 0=live cancel
noqlinks Turn off quick action links in hosting manager list screen
numfsfeatured Override the amount of featured domains to show on the forsale page
number_of_quotes Number of quotes to randomly output. (testimonials)
onejumpin If only one result is returned from a search, the record is auto-displayed (admin area, most manage pages)
onlyautoccs Set to a 1 will force AWBS to ONLY attempt to auto-pay invoices if the user is in CCS mode. Set to a 0 or if setting not present, if there is a cc on file, AWBS will attempt to auto-pay invoices regardless of the payment mode.
onlycpserverstats Will skip cPanel 11 domain b/w stats and will only log account counters
overageoption How b/w overage is handled (eNom) (default is 1)
1 - Charge on a per-GB basis on my next monthly bill
2 - Upgrade to the next bandwidth package
3 - Disable the account until the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle
override_install_dir_check Not recommended!! - 1=yes 0=no
partial_credit_threshold Threshold to be able to apply partial credits.
payflow_vendor If your PayFlow vendor id is not the same as your user id, enter it here
paypalsoff Will disable the ability for users to select to start a paypal subscription
pdfcinfoalign Alignment of the client address (L=Left, R=Right)
pdfinvoicename Giving it a filename will cause the invoice.pdf to be named your filename[invoicenumber] (NO PATH! NO EXTENSION!)
pdflogo Path (after workdir) to the logo.
pdflogowidth Width you want your logo to display at, 40 is ~4cm when printed, setting this too large, may cause problems.
pdfoinfoalign Alignment of the order information (L=Left, R=Right)
phonecountallowed Set to the number of attempts you want allowed for a user who failed the phone authorization the first time.
pipetimelimit Do not allow tickets from the same email address for this many seconds
pwskiphostingcheck Don't search hosting and server lists for entered domain on Lost Password routine
qtyselect Set to 1 if you want to have select boxes for quantity entries in the cart instead of text boxes
releasedomain Set to 1 if you want all domain registrations to not be queued even if the hosting is on queue? 1=yes 0=no
remote_list Ips to allow for API access seperated by a pipe (|)
reseller_allowed If you are authorized by eNom to create reseller accounts, set this to: 1
resellerlocked Require user to be logged in to create acct? - 1=yes 0=no
resellermaxaccts Default max reseller accounts to set for new users.
rewritertags Set session url_rewriter.tags? 1=yes 0=no (a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=,fieldset=)
rfix Attempt to fix double line spacing in email. - 1=yes 0=no
runtimeout Run timeout for checking in with AWBS for latest news and version info. (Seconds)
scrmnopop Stop SCRM from opening in a new window
scwhois Show whois link on spincheck for taken domains? - 1=yes 0=no
sendppsinv Force new invoice mail sending to users even if they have an active subscription
sessionpath Leave blank for system default (recommended).
shandler Set session serialize_handler to php? - 1=yes 0=no
showallsections Do not collapse admin area boxes by default
showdescincart Will show the package description in the cart for hosting and dedicated servers
showleftright Set to 1 to display $left and $right on all site pages.
If showleftright is active, then these 2 become available:
hideleft - Hide left file
hideright - Hide right file
show_up_plan On the hosting upgrade page, show the plan name as well as the plan description in the pulldown
skiparchivecron Skip auto-archiving of hosting and server records (Archiving is a one way process. Records cannot be un-archived)
skipcaregex Bad character checking will be bypassed
skipdpregex Bad character checking will be bypassed on domain profiles now
smtp_from_fix Fix for if smtp mail has emailaddress;Name on the From line
spfoff Disable spf records in enom managemenet? - 1=yes 0=no
store_all_email ALL email will be placed in email archive (This will make your Database HUGE!)
supress_warnings Supress .htaccess warnings. - 1=yes 0=no
tlimit Number of TLD to show on the index page
tmcols Template Monster columns, set to numeric value (value of 3 or 4 supported)
transid Set session use_trans_sid value to 0? - 1=yes 0=no
ukwhoisopt Allow users to Opt-Out on uk whois? - 1=yes 0=no
use_mb_sendmail Use the php function mb_send_mail() to send mail - required if using jp - 1=yes 0=no
useajaxsearch Use ajax code for admin area searches. - 1=yes 0=no
useauthdupetime Set to 0 if your authnet compatible processor does not support this.
usecookies Sessions with cookies? - 1=yes 0=no
usercsspaging Switch the user area paging from plain text based to css based
userssnews Use the RSS newfeed system. - 1=yes 0=no
usehlbw Show B/W instead of Server on the admin hosting manager list page
whoischars Random Human Verification characters.
wltimeout Timeout for domain lookups (spincheck)
allowinvpaydate Enables the ability to edit the paid date on invoices/transactions during apply payment process
qtyselect Use select boxes for quantity entries in cart instead of text boxes
showsignup Show signup date on useradmin listing page
skippoexpire Skip checking for and expiring any price-overrides set to do so
usejq Enables the inclusion and use of jquery in the client area
setresellerasns For cpanel reseller creation - Create nameservers with nsX. instead or dnsX.
rusemydns For cpanel reseller creation - Assign nameservers set in the server configuration
showbalanceinlist Client invoice listing will show balance rather than full invoiec amount in the amount column
ardinvdate Days until a auto-generated domain renewal invoice is due (example format is: "+5 days"). Default is same day generated
portaloverride Set to 1 to override the default index5.php setting and use another index page in portal mode
usenohosting Use the No Hosting template (no-hosting.php) if the user has no hosting
strictipchecking Sign out user if ip changes mid-session
nosavedcarts Turns off auto-save and restore or carts
nolostmoving Do NOT allow users to archive LOST domains (removes from their domain list)
useoldar Use the old AR icon instead of the auto-renew buttons (in domain listing)
dontblockcplogins Do NOT require clicking the cookie banner in order to sign in
iptocountry Which api to use (ipapi or ipinfodb) - ipinfodb requires free key from ipinfodb.com
forcewelcome Force users to welcome screen instead of index in portal mode
forceclientmenu Force left client menu regardless of portal mode setting
forceclientmenuoff Force left client menu off regardless of portal mode setting
restrictbank Only allow bank transfer option to users with bank flag
samesite Cookie setting for SameSite. Defaults to NONE
setcookiesecure Set to 1 to force cookies to be set SECURE
skipcaorgregex Set to 1 to bypass regex checking on Org (create acct and edit profile)
allowhdemergency Turn on the 'Tag as emergency' button in user helpdesk
allowhdemerall Allow everyone to see the Emergency button in helpdesk, not just users with hosting or servers
to ban users from using hd emergency button add the ESC in this format [username]nohdemergency - Example: someusernohdemergency