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Adding New Modules using the Devkit
Custom Forum Module

Adding/creating a Custom Module

Custom modules can be added for;

  • Domain registrars
  • Hosting control panels
  • Offsite credit card processor (customer is taken to processor for cc information/payment)
  • Onsite credit card processor (customer enters cc information on your website)
  • Payment gateways (such as paypal)

1. Create a directory in your includes directory. Name it as desired.
(will be how it displays in your AWBS admin area, english alpha numeric no capital letters is recommended)

2. Download the v3 devkit from your download area where you purchased AWBS. If you do not find it there, make sure your support contract is active.

3. Selecting the appropriate devkit, copy the file within it's includes/yourmodulename directory to your newly created directory as per step 1 above.
Rename the file to match your directory name and add v3 to the end.

If you created includes/myccproc in step 1 above,
you would rename yourmodulenamev3.php to myccprocv3.php

4. Edit your file replacing all instances of 'yourmodulename' with your directory name as per the directory name created in step 1 above.

5. Edit the code as per your third party's API as needed to create your module.

6. Edit the $res= add_module line in the module install function as per the remarked example provided.

7. In AWBS, go to Configuration, Module Setup and click the Add New Module link at the top right of that page. Enter the directory name exactly as it appears in the includes directory. Save.

8. Locate your new module in the appropriate section of the module setup page and enable/configure as per fields provided.

Offsite cc processors and payment gateway processors will have a callbacksample.php file.
Rename that file as desired and place it into your AWBS site's web directory.
Edit code as per your processor.
Domain Registrar devkit contains a templates directory with sample files for your
member's domain manage interface. Rename yourmodulename to your directory name as per step 1 above
and place into the common_files directory.
Edit as needed.

Custom Forum Module

Edit the user_forums.php file in the includes/forum directory with your custom forum account create code.

In the AWBS Configuration area, enter the Forum Setup Configuration page. Select Custom Forum 1 as your Forum Type. Complete all configuration fields as per your forum software/installation.