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Supported Gateways


The first step in enabling the SMS features of AWBS is to enable the module. This can be done in the 'Module Setup' of your AWBS. Enable your gateway module then save.

Once your module is enabled go back to the AWBS Configuration and you should now see a new link:

SMS Gateway Setup - Setup SMS parameters for client SMS module

Click this link and configure the settings in the next page for your gateway.

Setting up your E-Mail Templates

By default you can have AWBS send SMS messages for accounting and support emails using the sms/extended contact.

Note: The user must have specified their SMS contact number via the Contact Management page of your site. eg - http://www/

To set a string of text in your e-mail templates to be sent via SMS you can enclose the text in <sms> tags. For example, if you wanted to notify your clients when a new invoice is generated via SMS you can add the following to your 'New Invoice' e-mail template:

<sms>You have a new invoice at Your Website.  Please login to Your Website to view and pay your invoice.</sms>

Please note that SMS is commonly limited to 128 Characters

The message contained within the <sms> tags would then be sent to your client when the New Invoice e-mail is sent to them.

If no <sms> messages are in an e-mail template there will be no attempt to send a message via SMS.

Extended System Configuration Settings

The following can be added to your Extended System Configuration to expand the functionality of the SMS system.

  • Key: bypassadminccstop Value: 1 - Enables administrative selection for clients
  • Key: bypasssalesccstop Value: 1 - Enables sales selection for clients

Admin SMS

You can also set SMS messages to send for Admin Messages.

First be sure you have the following set in your Company/Website Information. (In the AWBS Configuration):

  • Additional support email or SMS #:
  • Additional ADMIN email or SMS #:
  • Additional sales email or SMS #:
  • Additional billing email or SMS #:

You can also have the SMS messages sent to an e-mail address. You can do this by entering an e-mail address in the above fields followed by |sms. For example:|sms

In your E-Mail Templates you can specify messages to be sent to your admin contacts by enclosing the message in <adminsms> tags.

For example:

<adminsms>Contact Form has been submitted by user: %%USERNAME%%</adminsms>