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ISPAPI Module and Documentation courtesy of Hexonet

Supported features within AWBS

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Transfer
    • AuthInfo code support
    • Autocompletion of successful and failed transfers
  • Domain Management
    • Domain locking
    • Update Contact Information
    • Change Nameservers
    • Nameserver Registration (Check, Add, Modify, Delete)
  • Domain Renewal
    • Special handling for registries without explicit renewals (PayDomainRenewal instead of RenewDomain)
  • DNS Management
    • Record-Types: A, AAAA, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT, PTR
    • Custom TTL values
  • Email forwarding
  • URL forwarding
    • Redirect using HTTP
    • Forward using HTML Frame
  • Optional TLS/SSL for API connection
  • Support for testing environment


Only needed if using AWBS 2.8.0 - 2.8.5, ISPAPI module has been included with 2.9.0

You will need the most up to date zip from Hexonet found here: Hexonet Module Download

Copy all files from the "install" subdirectory to your AWBS installation root directory, while keeping the folder structure intact.

E.g. install/includes/ispapi/ispapiv3.php => $YOUR_AWBS_ROOT/includes/ispapi/ispapiv3.php


Within the AWBS Admin area, go to "Configuration", "General Setup", "Module Setup". Click on "Add New Module", and enter "ispapi" (without quotes) into the field "Module Directory". Now you will find a new entry "ISPAPI" within the "Domain Registrars" section of the "Module Setup". Set it to "Active", and click on "Save Changes" (at the bottom of the page).

The registrar module "ISPAPI" should now be installed and activated.

To setup your test or production account, go to "Configuration", "Domain Reg System Setup", "Registrar Setup". Click on the edit icon in the "Ispapi" row, and enter your credentials.

The Live URL should be "".
The Test URL should be "".

Make sure that the account you are using is set to renewal mode AUTOEXPIRE
Otherwise domains might be renewed without being paid for by the customer

If you want to use DNS/URL/Email Forwarding, domains must resolve to the ISPAPI nameserver cluster. You might want to enter them as "Nameserver Defaults" for your customers:


You can also create your own nameserver hostnames use them, as long as they are registered and resolve to the correct IP addresses.

Click on "Save Changes", and setup your TLDs on "TLD Config".


To automatically use the registrar module's custom addon fields, insert the following php code at the beginning of the file "includes/cart_legal_check.php":

if ( include("cart_legal_check_registrar.php") ) return;

It will only use the registrar addon fields for tlds which are configured to use this registrar module, others will use the settings from cart_legal_check.php.