IRRP.Net Configuration

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Go to the AWBS Configuration area, Module Setup page. Enable the Systems module.

Go to the Registrar Setup page, click the icon beside irrp to enter the System configuration page.

Enter your Systems reseller account username and password.

If you are an reseller, use this url:

Note: there is no test mode if you are an reseller.

Set test mode to True for testing, switch to false when ready to go live.

Set a backorder URL if you have a backorder affiliate link for backordering domain names.

Enter at least 2 valid registered nameservers to be used for all new domain registrations by default.

Irrp test nameservers:

To test your connection, click the Test Connection link at the top of the irrp configuration page.

Test Information for IRRP System

Online Testing Environment (OTE) The below is for testing purposes only.

login= password= demo

1) Email.: 2) API...: 3) Web...:

NOTE: ONLY .COM, .NET, ORG & .DE TLDs are loaded in the Online Testing Environment. (Only .COM/.NET/ORG/.DE will work under the OTE.)