Hexonet Configuration

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At www.hexonet.net

Login to your account at hexonet.net.

Go to Manage Account, My Settings on the top menu.

Click on the 'INCOMPLETE' next to Renewal mode for new domains.

Set the Behavior upon Expiration to: Expire Domain. Click the Save changes button to save the setting.

Review all other settings and configure as desired.


Login to your AWBS site as super admin.

Enter the Configuration area. Go to the Module Setup page. Enable the 'ISPAPI' module and save changes.

Navigate in the configuration area to the Registrar Setup page. Go to the Ispapi setup page.

Enter your hexonet reseller account username and password. Set Secure Mode to True, Test Mode to False. The Live Url setting is correct as default, should read: api.ispapi.net/api/call.cgi?s_entity=54cd

If you have a backorder affiliate account somewhere, enter your backorder url. Otherwise leave that field blank to disable the backorder feature.

Set the Extra Features as desired. Most likely you will have no extra charge and check both the Cart and Checked checkboxes for Mail Forwarding, URL Forwarding, and Managed DNS features. If you won't be offering those services to your domain customers, uncheck them.

The nameserver fields should contain this if you will be offering DNS services to your customers. ns1.ispapi.net ns2.ispapi.net ns2.ispapi.net

If you won't be offering Hexonet's dns or forwarding services, then enter your hosting nameservers there.

Click the Save Changes button.