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Helpdesk Modules

AWBS Internal Helpdesk

In the AWBS Configuration, Module Setup page, make sure you have the Internal Helpdesk selected.

In the System Options page of the configuration, make sure you have 'internal' as the Support Desk Link setting.

Any time there are any open tickets in the system, you will see the Open Support checkmark flashing red on the admin home page. Click that link or use the helpdesk link on the left menu to enter the helpdesk.

Tickets awaiting a response from your support staff will be green in color. Tickets that have been answered are red.

Click the icon beside any ticket to respond. Click the various links at the top to sort as desired.

Using the close link to the right of a ticket will close it without any response or email being sent to the client.

Use the Helpdesk Response Setup link on the left menu to setup responses that are commonly used repeatedly to save your staff time.

Each admin user can setup a signature that will be added to all their responses in the helpdesk. To setup a signature, go to the user manager, select that user and enter the user's record, click the Edit link in the client information box and you will find a place to setup the helpdesk signature.

Anytime a ticket is opened, responded to, or closed via the cron (system options, auto close tickets), the user will receive an email and the support copy-to email account (from company info page of configuration) will receive an email.

Note: Avoid using the browser's refresh key while in the helpdesk, it can make duplicate entries.

Piping E-mails to Internal Helpdesk

As of AWBS version 2.4.0, email piping is supported.

To setup helpdesk email piping:

Setup an email forwarder from your email address configured as support email in the Company Info page of the AWBS Configuration.

Forward the email to your includes/getEmail.php file.

Example: | php -q /your/path/to/awbs/includes/getEmail.php

In the Extended System Configuration, add this key:

   key: namakecf
   value: 1
   description: All emails to pipe that cannot be inserted into the

helpdesk will be put into the contact form table

The E-mail Piping will forward e-mails received at the support email address to the Helpdesk if the sending email address matches any AWBS user account email primary email address.

Any E-mail that arrives that does not have a matching e-mail address will be piped to the Contact Us form if the namakecf key is set to a value of 1.

cPanel Specific Instructions:

1. Login to cPanel and go to email forwarding

2. Click Add Forwarder

3. Set the first box to the mail box configured as support mail in the Company Info page of the Configuration area of AWBS.

4. Set the second box to "| php -q /your/path/to/awbs/includes/getEmail.php" (without quotes - substitute your correct path)

5. If you wish orphan emails to be entered in to the contact form area,

add a new Extended System Config key:

   key: namakecf
   value: 1
   description: All emails to pipe that cannot be inserted into the helpdesk will be put into the contact form table
cPanel 11+ Pipe Command

As of cPanel 11 the e-mail piping adds the home folder to the location automatically. In this case use this command instead:

|/bin/sh -c '/usr/local/bin/php -f /your/path/to/awbs/includes/getEmail.php'

This has been used successfully on cPanel 11.

Cerberus Helpdesk Module

Cerberus Configuration:

From the includes/cerberus directory of your AWBS files, you will find cer_plugin.login.awbs.php, importfunctions-ion.php and importfunctions-zend.php files. (If running AWBS v2.2.2, you may obtain the files from )

If you are using the zend encoded version of AWBS, rename importfunctions-zend.php to importfunctions.php If you are using the IonCube encoded version of AWBS, rename importfunctions-ion.php to importfunctions.php

Connect to the FTP server for your cerberus helpdesk admin area (cerberus-gui)

Upload cer_plugin.login.awbs.php and importfunction.php to /cerberus-api/plugins/ folder

Connect to the FTP server for your cerberus support center (cerberus-support-center)

Upload cer_plugin.login.awbs.php and importfunction.php to /cerberus-api/plugins/ folder

Login to the cerberus Admin Area (cerberus-gui)

Goto Configuration

Click Support Center

Click Plugins**

Click AWBS login handler

Set enabled to True

Enter the mysql details that it requires

Click Submit

Click on Configuration

Click on Support Center

Click on Profiles

Click on the profile that you want to use with the AWBS plugin

Select AWBS from the login drop down box

click Submit

    • You should take note of your Plugin ID here to save time.

AWBS Configuration:

In the Module Setup page of AWBS Configuration, enable Cerberus. Save.

In the AWBS Configuration, System Options page, complete the Cerberus Setup section. If you do not have a database prefix, leave the 'Cerberus DB Prefix' field empty.

For Cerberus Plugin ID;

Login to your Cerberus Helpdesk, click the configuration link on the top menu, click the Support Center link on the left menu, click the Plugins link on the left menu. Locate your 'AWBS v2.x Login Handler'. Your plugin ID is the number of the Plugin, i.e. if you have 5 Plugins, and the 'AWBS v2.x Login Handler' is the 5th one from the top, the Plugin ID is 5. If it is the first plugin you have it will be Plugin ID 1. Testing:

To test, simply login to your AWBS site as admin and click the helpdesk (or Open Support) link. You will then be logged into Cerberus as the Plugin user. Your customers will be logged into the Cerberus system when they click the support link(s) on your site.

Kayako Helpdesk Module

In the kayako/includes/LoginShare directory, you will see a file called . You need to unzip this to a temporary directory, and change to your encoded directory (zend or ion). In there you will see a file called importfunctions.php . Move that to the kayako/includes/LoginShare directory, and call it awbsfunctions.php . Without this, you won't be able to use the LoginShare properly.

Now, go to your kayako/admin panel . Click on Groups, then the settings icon for the group you want to use. In most cases, it will be default. In that window, change the LoginShare setting to use AWBS

Still in your kayako/admin panel, go down to LoginShare . Click on AWBS and fill in the important stuff there (db host, pass, login, all that).

Next, in your awbs admin area, go to configuration >> modules setup. Change Kayako from disabled to active.

Next, go into your configuration >> system options . In there, you will now see a kayako area. Make sure you fill that out completely and properly.

Next go into your admin's user account. Click on change contact information, and at the bottom, you will see the user's kayako information. Make sure that this is set appropriately. You will need to do this with each admin you want to have access to the helpdesk.

Keep in mind, as well, that you need to create those admin users that you're assigning to helpdesk logins. Otherwise, the login will (obviously) be rejected.

Kayako 4 (Fusion)

  1. Enable user level loginshare in Kayako with this url: (Do NOT enable staff loginshare. Replace with your own domain)
  2. Enable the Kayako module in AWBS
  3. Setup the Kayako module with the proper information in AWBS System Options
  4. Setup your IP in the api access list in Extended System Config. For security, loginshare will fail without this.
  5. Edit your profile in AWBS and add your Kayako staff username and password (do not use a Kayako administrator login)
  6. Users should be able to login without username/password entry from AWBS now
  7. Your admin account should be able to login without username/password entry from the AWBS admin area now
Note: Kayako has decided to force certain information to be sent over the loginshare api, then this data is written to the Kayako DB.
At this early stage we are unsure how this will impact existing Kayako accounts.


Configuration >> Module Setup
Enable the Saeven|CRM module in the HelpDesk Modules section.
Click the Save Changes button.

Configuration >> System Options
Enter your Saeven|CRM URL (Exact URL to your helpdesk system with no trailing slash)


Enter your Saeven|CRM General Admin username

Enter your Saeven|CRM General Admin API Key.
(found in the profile area of CRM when logged in as General Admin)

For each of your staff that will work your support system;
Admin Home >> User Manager
Locate each user, click on username.
Click on Client Information [Edit] link.
Fill in the Saeven|CRM Admin Username and API Key.

Setup the login sharing as per the Saeven|CRM documentation found here: