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At www.enom.com

Go to resellers on the top menu.

Click on test account link on that menu.

  1. Click Setup your account on the testing server.
  2. Click Reset your account balance in the test environment to $5000.00.
  3. Click the Add/Edit/Delete IP addresses that are allowed to access your account on the test server and enter your server's main IP address. Save.


Login to your AWBS site as super admin.

Enter the Configuration area. Go to the Module Setup page and ensure the eNom module is enabled.

Go to the Registrar Setup page. Click the icon beside Enom to enter the eNom setup area.

Enter your enom.com reseller account username and password. Make sure you have test mode set to True and secure mode set to False. Do not change the Live URL or Test URL settings. Enter prices as desired for the various enom services.

If you have a backorder affiliate account somewhere, enter your backorder url.

If you wish domain names to be registered with nameservers other than enom's by default, enter desired nameservers in the nameserver fields. Note: If you will be offering any of eNom's dns services such as url forwarding, etc you should leave the nameserver fields blank.

If you have a default park page you set for all newly registered domains, enter the complet url in the Default parking page url field. This only applies if you have left the nameserver fields empty, as it sets a url frame for the domain if it is using eNom's nameservers.


Enter the enom registrar setup page again. Click the Test ENOM connection link to verify your configuration is correct.

At www.awbs.com/hd

If there are no errors, login to your account at awbs.com, go to the support area, open a new support request and ask for API access for the IP you entered in the test account setup area. Be sure to provide your enom account username.

In your AWBS Configuration Once you have completed your testing and are ready to put your site live for orders, go to the Registrar Setup area and set test mode to False and secure connection to True. Run the Test ENOM connection test again to ensure there are no problems.

At www.enom.com Other settings at enom.com

Login to your reseller account at enom.com.

Go to settings.

Select '1' for 'by default, domains will be registered, hosted, and renewed for x year(s).

Select the 'define your own default host records in the fields below' and setup a default park page. (If you don't define your default host records, your domains will inherit the ones from your master reseller account).

Save changes.

Click the reseller tab. Click reseller renewal settings. Select 'do not contact my customers for renewal'. (AWBS will send the renewal notices)

Save changes.

You may also wish to use the domains >> advanced tools >> global edit to ensure no existing domains are set to auto renew.

Making eNom sub accounts via AWBS

  • In AWBS, configuration >> registrar setup >> Enom, set 'Enable FREE Reseller Plan?' to a value of True and save.
  • In configuration >> Extended System Configuration, set resellermaxaccts as desired for the number of sub accounts you wish to allow per user.
  • In configuration >> eNom Reseller Acct Setup, set pricing for sub accounts.

What this will do:
A new link will appear on the menu for the resellers.php page.
Customers can signup for an enom account from you.
The API will create a sub Retail account at enom.com.
You login to your account at enom.com and change the sub acount to a sub reseller account (if desired).