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AWBS Internal Affiliate System

Go to System Setup >> Module Setup >> Affiliate Modules section. Set to Internal Affiliate module.

Go to System Setup >> System Options >> Misc section, make sure 'Enable Affiliate System' is set to 'True'.

Go to System Setup >> Affiliate Defaults page. Set your affiliate default settings here.

You can configure to pay by percentage or a fixed amount. Select the correct radial selection.

Max Payout (or fixed amount): enter a max payout per transaction or if using fixed amount above, enter the amount to pay affiliates for their referrals. The max payout is a cap and will be the maximum amount an affiliate can earn on one sale.

Percentage (not for fixed amount): enter the percentage your affiliates will earn on each sale if you have selected percentage above.

Hold days: enter the number of days after the affiliate sale to hold the payment. Most companies use 90 days, as that is the limit for a chargeback on a credit card.

Pay on recurring: check this box if you want affiliates to earn credit for each recurring bill the referred customer pays. This applies to all recurring hosting and other items offered on your site.

Information/how it works
Affiliates will be paid by live credits being put in their account when the Hold days are up.

Any user in your system can signup to be an affiliate by clicking on the 'Affiliate Info' link on the member home page accordion menu.

They will be asked to agree to the affiliate terms of service before they can become an affiliate. Make sure the default terms page for affiliates has the information you want.

After an affiliate has signed up, they will be pending approval. When an affiliate is pending, you will see the 'Pending Affil's' in the Quick Alerts box of the admin home page turn red. Click the link to enter the Affiliate Manager. Click the icon to the right of any affiliate to change the affiliates status to active.

Each affiliate can be setup with their own percentage or amount on a per user basis here as well.

View affiliate sales by clicking on the Affiliate Sales link.

Editing affiliate pages
Here are the pages you may want to edit: ( language files are found in includes/language/english )

affilfaq.php - this page contains a set of Frequently Asked Questions for affiliates. Edit the text as desired.

affiltos.php - this page contains a copy of the terms of service that is viewable after an affiliate has signed up.

affiliate.php - this is the affiliate home/info page where the affiliates will see their stats, their affiliate link and banners you want to provide them with.

Adding Banners
To display banners for your affiliates to use, create a directory named 'awbsbanners'. Then upload to it banners with filenames banner1.gif up to banner10.gif. Only 10 banners are supported and filenames must start at banner1.gif. If you want to use other filenames or more banners, you'll need to edit the affiliate.php template file with the code to display your desired banners.

iDevAffiliate System

From the AWBS Configuration home page, click on the Module Setup link.

In the 3rd Party Affiliate Modules section, select iDevAffiliate.

Click the Save Changes button.

From the Configuration home page, click on the System Options link.

Scroll down to the iDevAffiliate Setup section.

Enter the correct path to your iDevAffiliate installation.

Enter the url to your iDevAffiliate installation.

Check the iDevAffiliate Pay Recurring checkbox if you wish to pay your affiliates for recurring sales.

Enter your iDevAffiliate admin username and password and database information as requested.

Click the Save Changes button.

Login to your iDevAffiliate system as admin.

In the iDevAffiliate Setup, Configuration & Tools area, click on the Cart Integration link.

Select the Use Automatic Integration Method choice and click the Continue To Next Page button.

Select Advanced Webhost Billing as the Product To Integrate.

Refer to iDevAffiliate documentation for details on Option Variable Setup if desired.

Click Update And Continue To Next Page button.

Make sure your iDevAffiliate system is configured as desired.

Test by creating a user in AWBS and then signup to be an affiliate. Place test orders as a different test user from the affilate link from your affiliate test user.

JROX Affiliate


  • Enable the JROX Module in your System Setup -> Module Setup
  • Open your System Setup -> System Options

Scroll down until you find the JROX Affiliate Setup box.

  • Enter in your appropriate information for the JROX system.


  • Turn on the module (in Module Setup), then set the options needed in the JROX Affiliate section in System Config.

For further information on the JROX system, or help configuring the JROX system see: - Documentation & Install info - Forums for help and questions.