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Addons can be used for hosting, dedicated servers and other packages.

Setup your addon order types in the system setup, Addon Order Types page.

Then go to AddOn Setup and add your Addons you will offer.

Package Name: Enter the addon package name using no spaces. Package Desc: Enter a description for this addon used for display to the customer when ordering. Parent Type: Skip this setting until you have saved the new addon you are configuring. Allow Quantity Select: Enter the quantity allowed to order at one time, or 0 to disable the quantity option. Recurring Billing: Check if this will be billed with the parent type's term. Visible WHILE Ordering: Check if you want this addon to be a visible choice to customers when they are ordering the parent type (hosting, dedicated server and/or other package). Visible AFTER Ordering: Check this if you want customers to be able to order this addon after their parent package has already been activated. Tax EXEMPT: Check if this package is NOT to be taxed regardless of your other tax settings.

Enter your pricing. Leave blank for not available, enter 0.00 if it will be free. Note: Make sure you make all terms available as they are available in the parent type.

Details: Enter some information/details to show customers when they are ordering or adding this addon to an existing plan/package. Helm Extra ID: Enter the Helm Extra ID only if applicable.


Select the correct Addon Type.


Click the Assign parent packages link and select all parent packages you wish this addon to be available/ordered with.

Click the Save Changes button.

Note: All addons in the same type will display in the same drawdown box to the customers when they are ordering addons.

Executing code upon addon package queue job run